7-6-2015: Rochdale Grading Results

We held a club grading for students training in the North Manchester and Lancashire classes on Sunday 7th June. This followed Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor class which once again was a big success and another huge turnout.
We would like to thank everyone who trained and/or graded last Sunday, it was a very enjoyable day indeed.
Thanks to Steve Dargan Sensei, Mike Baron Sensei, Joni Longden Sensei and Nicola Holland Sensei who instructed the Cadet Leaders and led some excellent sections.   
Thanks to all the Instructors who helped out at the grading and prepared your students so well. The JKS combinations section is improving every time, so you are all clearly doing a fab job.
There were some outstanding students grading on the day and Paul Sensei had the unenviable task of trying to choose just one Student of the Grading. There were a lot of candidates including; Izzy Baron for impressively reaching her 4th Kyu at just 6 years of age, Fletcher Mellor-Brook for making great improvement between 4th and 3rd Kyu, Claire Pullan from the Chesham Class and Tom Darkey from Horwich for their high standards and Jake Gould for being as awesome as ever.
In the end it came down to the last two names – Molly Austin Hogsden and Matthew Affleck and what made it even harder was both students stood out for the exactly same reasons. Both are exceptionally gifted students who put in their best ever performances.
All the Instructors, other students and spectators were extremely impressed with the standard both Matthew and Molly have reached at such young ages. They are both a credit to their Instructors and the dedicated parents they are lucky to have. Both drive miles and miles just to make sure their children they are getting pushed in their training and working with the very best students in the club to meet their potential.
Molly was awarded the trophy in the end and thoroughly deserved it as she really is a very special talent. Her attention to detail is second to none and she is a dream to teach, listening, learning and improving all the time. Although you should all watch out for Matthew at his 1st Kyu grading, because next time – he is the man to beat!
We should also congratulate by name the special few who made it to brown belt and above on the day.

3rd Kyu Brown belt

Fletcher Mellor-Brook trains in the Horwich dojo with his Dad Alex and has always shown had a lot of potential. He has started to fulfill this potential in a big way and was the big surprise of the day. He is a student transformed after training with some new Instructors, he looks much more enthusiastic, he puts in 100% effort and the progress he has made between 4th and 3rd Kyu is quite remarkable. Well Done Fletcher and keep up the hard work.
Alex Mellor-Brook is another student who has made bags of progress over the last 6 months. He is much sharper and more confident than ever before. Alex did brilliantly in the combinations and kata sections and showed great spirit and good control in the kumite. Alex is also a dedicated Assistant helping out on Tuesdays and trains really hard at combined senior classes. Very well deserved Brown Belt and keep up the good work.
Ben Hopkins – Ben Started his training back in 2009 and has been a dedicated member of the Whitefield dojo for the last few years. He has made good progress and improved significantly over the last 12 months and has become a well rounded student. His basics were very strong, as was his kumite. He must work harder to try to perfect his katas and relax more in the combinations as he has the potential to be brilliant. Well done Ben and keep it up.

2nd Kyu – Brown belt with a white stripe

Matthew Affleck – Matthew is one of those very special students who doesn’t come along very often. He is naturally gifted and always trains hard, giving 100% effort. A true perfectionist, he listens and corrects what he is asked to and never lets Paul Sensei down. For somebody so young, to perform Bassai Dai on his own to such a high standard, he really is one of the very best young kids our Club has ever seen. He was not fazed one bit by over 100 people watching him.
He’s a lovely lad who lets his karate do the talking. You’ll never see him messing about or taking advantage of others less gifted. Matthew is an inspirational young student and a top role model for all other young boys wanting to achieve big things in our karate club. Matthew is undoubtedly one of the front running candidates for Student of the Year 2015 and it is only June. What a star, well done.

Happy Birthday to James Sherlock

Lastly, we hosted a karate party for Handforth student James Sherlock on Saturday afternoon. It was James’s 9th Birthday and he invited lots of his friends to take part in a fun based karate party and all the kids did brilliantly.
We are mentioning it because James is clearly another future superstar in the club, we did a little mawashigeri (roundhouse kick) competition and James completed over 100 kicks using correct form without putting his foot back down on the floor to win!
I think it is something we should all try and you can let us know how well you manage to walk the next day hahahahaha!
Thank you for having us on your special day and we hope you all had as much fun as we did!