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7-11-2015: Darwen Grading Results

We held a grading at Derwent Hall in Darwen for students training in the Darwen and Blackburn area of the Club. This grading was fantastic with all students successfully passing their next grades. Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was very disappointed that he had nothing to moan about!
This was the best grading we have ever done in the Darwen area and the students were just superb. Even the youngest children and white belts could do Heian Shodan to their own timing and it was clear to see that Nicola Sensei and her great team have prepared the students brilliantly for this event.
The support of the parents is second to none in this area, the whole class and the parents genuinely care for one another and there were students and Assistants who weren’t even grading – who turned up to support and cheer on those who were.
You know that it is a good grading when the lower grades are very good but the higher grades are brilliant. The three Adult Assistant Instructors on the back row really led by example and set the standard for others to follow. They gave every bit of energy they had and left it all in the dojo. They might be a few sore legs tomorrow.
Lots of good students graded up to their red belts and the three white belts going to orange belt were awesome.
Jaylen Binney and Zak Gould were excellent and easily passed their green and purple belts respectively.
We were very impressed with the progress made by the purple belts going for purple and white belt, Jade Rigby, Lily Whalley and Oliver Rigby. They all worked really hard and had to dig deep during the kumite. All three thoroughly deserved their belts. Well Done.
Four students graded to brown belt which is a really big milestone on the way to Black Belt. All four worked tirelessly from start to finish and were very determined to earn their grades. Congratulations to the following new brown belts and we are so impressed by the progress you have made this time around. We are looking forward to seeing further improvement next year for your 2nd Kyu’s!
Tristian Binney – 3rd Kyu and Student of the Grading
Tristian had a very good day indeed, both he and Gary were sweating before the warm up. You know you have really worked hard for a grade if you have to keep wiping sweat up off the floor. Tristian could not have worked harder if he tried and was awarded the extra trophy for the sheer effort he put in throughout. His Kihon, Kata and Kumite has improved considerably and he was landing some great techniques in the kumite. Top job Tristian and keep up the good work!
Jake Gould – 3rd Kyu
Jake is an outstanding student who just gets better and better every time we see him. He was so impressive throughout and his kicks are amazing. He has fantastic Katas and even better kumite and is a lovely lad. He listens and corrects everything and will go very far with his positive attitude and brilliant work ethic. We couldn’t be happier that Jake is a Cadet Leader as he is the perfect example to the other juniors of how to get brilliant and karate and stay brilliant. Keep it up Jake!
Gary Pratley – 3rd Kyu
Gary was arguably the most improved student of the grading, we were really impressed with him. He always puts in 100% effort but now that he has started to relax, his karate has improved tremendously. He is a thoroughly nice bloke and is always encouraging others. His dedication to his training is another reason why he has improved so much. His gi was wet through by the end of the grading and he stood out for all the right reasons.Fantastic job Gary and keep it up.
Jo Sysum – 3rd Kyu
This lady is just brilliant, we have always been impressed by Jo since her very first grading. Jo is clearly a perfectionist and her Katas are just marvellous. Jo is a lovely lady who is kind and encouraging to others. She had improved in all areas especially her kumite. Her movement is better and she puts together some effective combinations. Without doubt Jo is one of the best adult kyu grades in the Club, including males and females. A great performance from an awesome student and Assistant. Well done.
Big thanks to Nicola Holland Sensei for making it all happen and working so hard with her students. She runs a fab area and is a fab Instructor. Keep up the good work! Thanks also to Brandon Lee Sensei and Hannah Whalley for helping out at the grading.