6-9-2015: Rochdale Grading Results

We held our first grading following the Summer break on Sunday 6th September in Rochdale for students training in the North Manchester and Lancashire areas.
This grading was a very high standard and all of the students attempting their next grades successfully passed the grading.
Students achieved the first full grade of orange belt right up to 3 students taking 1st Kyu.
There were some brilliant performances particularly from the younger students and the adults taking the higher grades.
We would like to congratulate everyone who graded and say a big thank you to the parents. friends and relatives for giving up their time and encouraging their loved ones on the day.
Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was particularly impressed by Joe Finney who graded from green belt to purple belt and awarded him the Student of the Grading trophy for his outstanding technical ability and 100% effort from start to finish. This comes as no surprise to the Instructors who teach him, because he is a pleasure to teach at every class. Joe always works hard, is well mannered and an excellent role model for all the other children in the Chesham, Little Lever and Helmshore class. Mum is pretty good too and we are sure he might get some extra tuition at home which always helps!
The boys from Standish grading to purple and white belt were also excellent. John Riley, Jacob Darkey and the awesome Kirk brothers all have a very bright future with the club. Keep up the hard work fellas and keep listening to your Sensei.
One point which should be made about this grading is that it was amazing to see so many young girls coming through and achieving the top three grades. In a male dominated art, these girls are doing brilliantly and we are so proud as a Club to be in a position where we are empowering young girls and teenagers to excel in karate and have the confidence to go all the way to their Black Belt and beyond. It is a truly unique situation and one which we are incredibly proud of.
We always mention by name the dedicated students who have made it all the way up to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and above. Brown Belt is the first big milestone to reach as there are not many students who reach this level at all. Huge congratulations to the students below who really did earn every inch of their new 3rd, 2nd and 1st kyu belts:
3rd Kyu Brown Belts
Molly Austin Hogsden – exceptional grading from an exceptional student. Molly has bags of talent and everything she needs to make it all the way to black belt. It is so exciting to see just how much Molly improves every single time she grades, when you think she can’t get much better – she proves us wrong and exceeds all expectations! Remember this name people. What an inspiration.
Izzy Baron – Pocket-rocket Izzy Baron is another exceptional student. At just 7 years old she has achieved an enormous amount at karate and continues to train with a fiery temperament and the determination to get her Black Belt. Seven year olds this good are few and far between and we were so impressed by you. Awesome stuff little lady, well done.
Leah Duckworth – Another super-talented young lady who has taken to karate like a duck to water. For her age, she is one of our brightest little stars and despite being very nervous, she did brilliantly at her grading. Her concentration is unbelievable and her katas were marvellous in the end. Well done Leah, you are catching up your big brother now.
Ava Hanson – Another excellent little lady with a Black Belt big brother. Ava has improved tremendously over the last ten months and is really beginning to shine and stand out at gradings. Her katas are beautiful and she showed great spirit in the sparring. Well done missus and keep it up.
Holly Dale – Holly has always been exceptionally good for her age and once again she showed great improvement between 4th and 3rd kyu and a fantastic attitude. Her kata’s are brilliant and her kumite is powerful and very dynamic for her age. She puts a Jodan Mawashigeri on the adults without even having to try. Just amazing! Keep up the hard work and you can make it all the way.
Lee Murphy – Lee was very nervous before the grading and did well to relax and get through it. He had absolutely nothing to worry about because he did brilliantly in the end and almost looked like he enjoyed it! His katas were tidy and kumite drills were very strong. A very well deserved Brown Belt, well done.
2nd Kyu Brown Belt with a white stripe
John Davies – John has made excellent progress between 3rd and 2nd kyu and his karate looks much more tidy now that he has started to relax and not try too hard. He is a dedicated student who is always friendly and supportive to other members of the Club and did brilliantly in the kumite showing good control and a wide range of techniques and combinations. Congratulations John, you thoroughly deserved your 2nd Kyu. Well done.
Millie Davies – Another impressive performance indeed from this super-talented young lady. She put in an almost faultless performance and showed she has excellent foundations and tidy basics. Her stances and katas are just fantastic and this makes her one of the most talented and exciting young females in the Club. When Millie switches it on, she is unstoppable! Keep up the effort and we know you will make a superb Black Belt.
Blake Smith – What a character! Blake is a  lovely young lad with very strong karate. Blake has excellent basics, tidy katas and spirited kumite and has always displayed a high standard at gradings. His effort was fantastic and he is shaping up to be a very good black belt indeed.
Sophie Smith – Sophie was very nervous before the grading and settled into it well. She performed the basics to a good standard and had nice katas. She does need to work on the kumite drills and is a very determined young lady so I’m sure the the time we see her again, good progress will have been made in this area. Fantastic performance. Well done Sophie.
William Hanlon – One of the most dedicated students in the Winton area and this really showed through with William performing to a high standard and coping well with the physical demands of the grading. This young man has superb karate and is really starting to show the mental strength required to become a black belt along with the physical skills. Great performance once again. Well done William.
Nicole Chadwick – Nicole is one of the best female kickers in the entire Club. She has made excellent progress between 3rd kyu and 2nd kyu and has worked hard to improve her katas and combinations. She needs to improve her Jiyu Ippon but will no doubt work hard and master it before 1st Kyu. Nicole always tries her best and is a great role model to others, always happy to help out and share her great karate with the younger kids. Well done and keep up the hard work.
1st Kyu Brown Belt with two white stripes
Kate Hall – Kate has made excellent progress between 2nd and 1st kyu and is really starting to look like a Black Belt. Her karate is well rounded with no weak areas and her effort has improved. She is a lovely young lady and with sustained effort and goo attendance she will make an impressive black belt in the near future.
Matthew Sheard – Matthew has always been one of the top students in the Lancaster area. This grading was a difficult one for him, especially as none of his usual class mates were there. He was very impressive though and tried really hard throughout. Matthew has fantastic karate and needs to start believing in himself. With a little more confidence, he would be absolutely amazing. Keep up the good attendance and keep trying your best as you have got everything it takes  and a great Instructor to help you make it to Black Belt. Well done.
Dean Knox – Dean had a hard grading because he is a very good student and our expectations were high. Dean did not disappoint and was dripping with sweat within the first 15 minutes. His standard was impressive and his work rate was second to none. He did well throughout the kata section and kept calm and composed when he made a rare mistake. He got a rough ride in the kumite but I’m sure he enjoyed it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Congratulations Dean, well deserved 1st Kyu and you are looking like a strong candidate for Black Belt.