5th July 2015: Rochdale Grading Results & Cadet/Instructor Class

A very busy weekend indeed was rounded off with our monthly Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor class followed by our last Rochdale Grading before the School Holidays.
Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor class was led by Paul Wolstencroft Sensei, Nicola Holland Sensei and Joni Longden Sensei. All of the children and adults trained really hard practising combinations, kicking exercises and Kata Enpi.
Well done to the following students who were awarded certificates of achievement:
Jake Gould, Annalea Tipton and Ben Kirkman.
Thanks again to over 100 Cadets and Assistants who made the effort to attend.

Rochdale Grading Results:

Students gathered from the surrounding classes to attempt their next belts on what turned out to be another hot and sweaty grading.
There was some outstanding students and the standard overall in this area is improving, so congratulations to everyone who graded.
Again there was a large amount of white belts grading to orange belt and lots of little future superstars earning their first full grades. The concentration was fantastic from the little ones, especially as they only usually train for 1 hour. Well done to you all.
We were particularly impressed by Aaron Jefferson who graded to Red belt who worked particularly hard and is always noticed by the Instructors who are helping out.
Mason Howarth and Ava Baker were also excellent and passed their yellow belts with flying colours.
The group that was definitely the most impressive was the students grading from purple belt to purple & white belt. The adults really set the standard and so a massive congratulations to: Su Matthews, Helen Finney, Tristian Binney, Ron Matthews and Will Perrin.
Finley Dewhurst and Dan O’ Neill also did brilliantly to try and keep up with the adults and both fully deserved their 4th Kyu.
It was Ron Matthews in the end who earned the Student of the Grading award for making excellent progress over the last few months and putting in 100% effort in from start to finish. You will not find many people more enthusiastic about their training than Ron and it makes everyone around him work even harder. He has great potential and is working tirelessly to improve his katas and kumite. Congratulations and  keep up the good work.
Three students made it to brown belt and above and they were Ava Nicholson, Isabel Hair and Nathan Standring. All three deserved their belts and endured a very hard grading indeed, so well done.

Ava Nicholson – 3rd Kyu

Ava missed out on the June Darwen grading due to illness but returned better than ever and completely determined to earn her brown belt. She was fantastic from start to finish. Her karate is an excellent standard for her age and there are no weak areas. She has beautiful Katas and has improved her kumite considerably. She excelled in the combinations section and really does listen to all the advice given by Sensei Nicola and tries to perfect every little detail. Well done Ava and keep up the marvellous work!

Isabel Hair – 3rd Kyu

What a lovely little girl, Isabel is very dedicated and has made remarkable progress in the last 10 months. Her movement is always sharp and the effort she gives is always 100%. Isabel is very determined to be brilliant at karate and she never misses a class, training 3 times a week every week. This will enable her to improve further and she is lucky to have such supportive parents along the way. She knows that she must learn to trust her instincts a little more rather than looking around to check if she has done the right move, but at only 9 years old, she really is becoming a little star! Well done.

Nathan Standring – 2nd Kyu

Nathan has been training since 2009 and always trains twice a week every week, without fail. He knows that he could work harder in class and this has held up his progress but he really was made to earn his 2nd Kyu on the grading day and has put the time in between 3rd and 2nd kyu. Nathan was very nervous in the Kata section but was brave and made it through in the end. He then had to spar Joni Longden Sensei and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei at the same time without giving up, which to his credit, he did it and surprised us all with how deep he managed to dig. This is the first time we have seen some strong spirit so now that we know that it is there, you can keep it up! Very well done Nathan and lets try and sustain the effort in classes and your next grading might not seem as hard.
Once again, thanks to the parents and supporters on the day, without you, we could not get the best out of the students.
Thanks also to our fab Instructors for preparing the students so well and helping out and teaching sections on the day.