4th July 2015: South Manchester Grading Results

Congratulations to all the students who attempted their next grades at a sweltering grading held at the superb Ten Acres Lane Martial Arts centre.
All the students coped well with the heat, especially the younger children and a great day was enjoyed by all.
A small handful of students have been asked to return in a few months time to retake their Kata section. They all tried their very best throughout the grading and we are certain that, with a little more attention to detail on the Katas, they will meet the level required next time round.
There was a large number of students attempting their first full grade of orange belts. The adults were particularly impressive and it is great to see that they are already performing so well, after training for only a few months.
We saw some impressive orange belts going to red belt, Noah Green, Sam & Katy Lees, Tom Healey and Luke Haddow all performed brilliantly and are showing some good potential. Rob Vernon from the Wilmslow class also worked really hard, well done.
Some fantastic students graded to green and purple belts including Karam Singh-Bhaker, Noah Vernon, Rosie Morriss and Ethan Green. Well done to you all, these can be hard grades to get fr youngsters because there is so much to remember but you lot are making it look easy!
A green belt adult was chosen to be student of the grading and thoroughly deserved it for the amount of effort he put in from start to finish. Pete Stansfield trains with his wife Emma every single week and always works extremely hard, pushes himself and tries to improve. He has achieved a really high standard and it is wonderful to see his efforts rewarded with his first trophy, well done.
The Shakos brothers from the Reddish dojo were as impressive as ever and will be unstoppable as they get bigger and older. Fantastic work from both boys, keep it up.
There was two students who successfully made it to brown belt: Dave Thomas and Arrvin Singh-Bhaker and one student who went all the way to 1st Kyu. They have all reached a very high level at this point through years of hard work and dedication and all three deserve a special mention for getting this far.

Dave Thomas – 3rd Kyu

Working in a high pressure job meant that Dave could not always make it to class, but recently he has made remarkable progress after making time to train twice a week. He really has moved up a level in every way. Dave has always been particularly good at kumite but has struggled with confidence and picking up the katas.
He has made so much improvement over the last few months and you can see that he is growing in confidence all the time. The katas looked sharper and he has worked hard to learn and improve his combinations. Congratulations Dave on a very hard earned and well deserved 3rd Kyu. Keep up the great work, you are a lovely fella and we are all behind you!

Arrvin Singh-Bhaker – 3rd Kyu

Arrvin is a very special talent indeed, he has been training for over 5 years and is always mightily impressive. He always picks up medals at the tournament for his superb kumite skills and has marvellous stances. The sky is the limit for this young man and he is really starting to fulfill his potential.
His combinations do need a little more attention, however he will grade in the same set for 2nd and 1st Kyu and we are sure that significant improvement will be made for someone so naturally gifted. Now that he has achieved his brown belt, he is not far away from black belt and we are certain that when his big day comes, he will be awesome as usual.

James Moseley – 1st Kyu

You won’t find many students as dedicated as James Moseley. He trains 3-4 times a week every single week in a variety of classes and is making good progress. He does find karate hard, but most of us do.
He works to the best of his ability and you will never see him not trying his best. He is far more talented when it comes to the kumite, but we can see that improvement has been made with his katas and combinations and that will serve him well as approaches black belt.
James showed great spirit and determination throughout the kumite and did really well against some tough opponents. Congratulations James and keep up the good work!
A massive thank you to all the parents that supported their loved ones on the day and the Instructors and Assistants who gave up their time to help the students and assist in the smooth running of the grading.
What a fab team! Thank you all.