4-10-15: North Manchester & Lancashire Grading

We held a Club grading on Sunday 4th October in Rochdale for students training in the North Manchester and Lancashire areas.

This grading was a very high standard and the majority of the students attempting their next grades successfully passed the grading. Students achieved the first full grade of orange belt right up to 3 students taking 1st Kyu. There were some brilliant performances particularly from the younger students and the adults taking the higher grades.
We would like to congratulate everyone who graded and say a big thank you to the parents. friends and relatives for giving up their time and encouraging their loved ones on the day. For those who found themselves unsuccessful this time around, you did very well and have some specific feedback which will help you improve further. You should still be very proud for taking part and working hard and do not feel like you let anybody down. It’s just a bump in the road and will make you even better in the long run.
Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was particularly impressed by little Tushar Vasta who graded from orange belt to red belt and awarded him the Student of the Grading trophy for his technical ability for a lower grade, great kicks and putting in 100% effort from start to finish. He has made Dave Robertson Sensei and Rob Head very proud to teach him.
We had over 30 students grading to red belt and the Tottington gang were particularly good and stood out for all the right reasons. The yellow belts going to green belt and the green belts going to purple belt were also very very impressive. There were excellent performances from pocket rockets Lola Girault and Megan Dale. Molly Harris, Kevin Longthorne, Corey Stevens, Louise Hopkinson, Mark Murphy, Amy and Jay Jay Coleman, Jacob Bottomley and John and Lilly O’ Donovan were all brilliant and we look forward to these guys returning and being even better next time round!
To the few students who didn’t quite make it to the higher grades, we look forward to working with you over the next few weeks then celebrating you passing your full grade at the next opportunity. You all worked hard and should be proud that you passed the majority of the grading.
We always mention by name the dedicated students who have made it all the way up to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and above. Brown Belt is the first big milestone to reach as there are not many students who reach this level at all. Huge congratulations to the students below who really did earn every inch of their new 3rd, 2nd and 1st kyu belts:
3rd Kyu Brown Belts
Joseph Downes – Joseph was the only student to reach 3rd Kyu on the day and he was excellent, showing great improvement between 4th and 3rd kyu and a positive attitude. His kata’s are much more tidy and his kumite is always impressive. We are excited by Joseph’s potential as he is very sharp indeed for and junior and is a great little character. Well done Joseph, keep up the hard work with your Instructors and you can make it all the way.
2nd Kyu Brown Belt with a white stripe
Marcus Chorlton – One of Steve and Nichola Sensei’s most dedicated students. He has made remarkable progress between 3rd and 2nd Kyu and always gives it 100% effort at every class. This young man has superb karate and is really starting to show the mental strength required to become a black belt along with the physical skills. His kumite was fantastic, especially when he had to do two one one, he looked like he absolutely loved it! Great performance Marcus, well done.
1st Kyu Brown Belt with two white stripes
Cerys Hall – Cerys has made excellent progress between 2nd and 1st kyu and is really starting to look like a Black Belt. Her karate is well rounded with no weak areas and her effort has improved. Her Kata’s are always particularly good and the potential she shows is massive. Cerys did well in the kumite section and proved that she can be determined little fighter when pushed. She is a lovely young lady and with sustained effort and good attendance, she will certainly make an strong candidate for black belt in the near future.
Jackie Hall – Jackie works so hard every time she trains, karate does not come naturally to her and she really has to concentrate in order to improve her katas and combinations. She has improved tremendously following last years grading and is really starting to perform with some confidence which has been sadly lacking in the past. Jackie is fiercely competitive and always excels during the kumite section and strangely enjoys this part the most! She worked tirelessly from start to finish and is mentally very strong and focused. She will make an excellent black belt if she keeps up this rapid improvement.
Bernadette Burton – Bernie’s lack of self confidence has in the past held her back from achieving her full potential. More recently, you can tell that she has started to believe in herself more, the closer she has got towards her Black Belt. Throughout the grading she trained with more confidence and determination and performed much better than we have ever seen her before. She did an excellent job and both Jackie and Bernie prove that karate is for everyone. They have picked up the syllabus and show great spirit throughout. Bernie did not look like she enjoyed the kumite but she fought bravely and didn’t give up and that is what karate is all about. Well done! Next one is the biggie and you deserve it!