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26-9-15: South Manchester Grading Results

A club grading was held at Parrs Wood High School for our students training in the South Manchester and Cheshire dojos. This grading was a good standard with lots of white belts coming through to grade for the first time. The great news is that all of the students attempting their next grades successfully passed. Students achieved the first full grade of orange belt right up to 4 students taking 1st Kyu.
We would like to congratulate everyone who graded and say a big thank you to the parents, friends and relatives for giving up their time and encouraging their loved ones on the day.
Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was particularly impressed by Cian Dronsfield who graded from 3rd Kyu to 2nd Kyu and awarded him the Student of the Grading trophy for his outstanding  improvement and 100% effort from start to finish. Cian has been training with Lorraine Sensei for the last 6 years and is a very dedicated and hard working young man. He has a very bright future and if he continues to improve at this rapid rate, will make an excellent Black Belt.
Coral Gavaghan from the Sale dojo has trained in karate previously and was also quite impressive. She graded from white to yellow belt and looks is a very promising student indeed. The higher grades really did lead the way and the two ladies at the end of the line set a high standard for others to follow.
There were some good performances from the higher grades, the combinations and Jiyu Ippon sections were very impressive indeed. You have all clearly worked hard with your Instructors to prepare for this and your hard work paid off. Dylan Miller and Rhys Jenkins also did very well to reach their 4th Kyu’s after remaining dedicated to their training for the last few years. Dylan tried his very best and Rhys showed great improvement so well done to you both.
The students from Stockton Heath also did well and had excellent basics. They performed the difficult Heain Yondan to a good standard and look like a very promising group.
We always mention by name the dedicated students who have made it all the way up to 3rd Kyu Brown Belts and above. Brown Belt is the first big milestone to reach as there are not many students who reach this level at all. Huge congratulations to the students below who really did earn every inch of their new 2nd and 1st kyu belts:
2nd Kyu 
Lucie Adams – Lucie is a super talented student who is equally impressive in all areas of her karate. She presents beautiful Katas and is one tough cookie when it comes to kumite. She showed great spirit and a wide range of effective techniques at the end of the grading. Lucie always tries hard in class and this makes it a little easier for her at gradings. She did brilliantly throughout and is shaping up to be a very good Black Belt.
Cian Dronsfield – What a little superstar. Cian is shy and quiet but was mightily impressive on Saturday. His basics were sharp, his combinations were strong and his Katas were amongst the best on the day. He thoroughly deserved both his new belt and trophy after all the improvement he has made between 3rd and 2nd kyu, he has clearly worked very hard.
1st Kyu 
Nicci Adams – Nicci Adams is arguably one of the hardest working and most dedicated students we have at our Club. She trains 4 times a week, every week and is a pleasure to have in the classes. She is constantly setting a great example and is always encouraging and helping others. Nicci meets her potential and couldn’t have worked harder on Saturday. She shows the steely determination required to reach Black Belt and did brilliantly from start to finish. We are lucky to have Nicci and her family training in our Club.
Isabelle Wilkie – Izzy is a very brave and very determined young lady indeed. She trains three times a week, every single week with her Mum Vicky who also graded to purple belt (well done Vicky). Izzy is always polite and well mannered but she is a beast in the kumite. Given chance, she would kick your head right off your shoulders, but she managed to control herself well on Saturday. Her katas have improved a lot and she did very well in the combinations. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of success after the nightmare year she and Vicky have had. What a star, you did your Instructors and your family proud, well done and keep it up missus.
Clark Thompson – Clark has always been one of Lorraine Sensei’s most talented and promising students. He is certainly living up to his potential and really does improve every time we see him. Much like Lucie, he is a good all-rounder. Great Kata, strong basics and high standard kumite. Clark is progressing well towards his Black Belt and must continue to work hard with Sensei Lorraine as he has everything it takes to get there very soon.
Catherine Johnson – Catherine had an excellent day on Saturday. Along with Nicci, Catherine is one of our most dedicated and hard working ladies in the entire Karate Club. She has her own personal Sensei at home in son Louis (Student of the Year 2014) and all of the effort she puts in certainly paid off. She was really strong in all areas and has particularly impressive stances and is already training like a Black Belt. She just needs find some confidence and start to believe in herself a bit more. Once she trains with confidence, she will be exceptional.
Congratulations to everyone on your new belts and a massive thanks to all of the Instructors who helped out on the day and prepared your students so well. We could not host these events without your hard work and commitment.