20-06-2015: Darwen Grading Results

Last weekend, Nicola Holland Sensei organised a superb grading at Derwent Hall in Darwen. There were students grading from white belt right up to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt. Everyone who trained gave it 100% effort from start to finish. The standard in the area is rapidly improving thanks to the hard work of Nicola Sensei and her Assistants and Cadet Leaders. Everyone who attempted grading passed, which is a fantastic achievement. Well done to you all.
There were a few of Mike Baron Senseis’ students who travelled all the way from Lancaster to attempt grading and thankfully, they were all very impressive and returned home successful.
Nicola Sensei is very lucky to have some very enthusiastic adults who always set a really good example at gradings. We were particularly happy with the effort from Gary Pratley, Simon Mattinson, Caroline Wood, Jo Sysum, Scott Whalley and Jade Rigby. You all did brilliantly however, Jade was the lucky one to be chosen for the Student of the Grading because of the great of improvement she has made between green belt and purple belt. She is progressing very well and is very focused on achieving her goals.
There were a lot of little ones attempting their first or next grades and considering it was a very hot day and the grading took over two hours, they all concentrated brilliantly and tried their very best.
Nicola Sensei has some really promising little kids who always try really hard including; Adam Bennett who earned his purple belt and Lily Whalley who also earned her purple belt.
There were two extra special little ones who really stole the show on Saturday and they were Katie Beaumont and Jaime Pratley. Seven year old Katie and nine year old Jaime were attempting their brown belts and they were both awesome.
Katie tries really hard and concentrates really well for her age. She is very dedicated to her training and has waited patiently for her chance to go for her brown belt. She grabbed the opportunity with both hands and did brilliantly from start to finish. She just needs to continue to work on her combinations and Katas but overall, she is a future star in the making! She is following in the footsteps of her Mum Lisa and brother Luke and made them both very proud.
Jaime Pratley is an excellent little student. He is so sharp and focussed and puts in 100% effort every time he trains, whether it’s in class, at cadet leader class or at grading. He is always impressive and must be a dream student to teach for Nicola Sensei. He listens, concentrates and tries hard to correct everything. He pays great attention to detail which is very rare for a student so young. His Katas were superb and his kicking techniques during the kumite were outstanding. A very well deserved brown belt and the best thing is, there is so much more to come from this awesome little man. His potential is massive!
Well done to everyone who graded and we should say a big thanks to all the parents and supporters who watched on the day and also to the following Instructors and cadet leaders who helped out to ensure the grading ran as smoothly as possible:
Mike Baron Sensei and Grace Baron, Paul Critchard Sensei, Brandon Lee Sensei, Joni Longden Sensei, Scott Galvin, Hannah Whalley and Mia Steinbach.
Lastly, a big thanks to Nicola Holland Sensei who works tirelessly in this area to produce these events and make her students so fantastic. Her hard work and effort is definitely noticed and appreciated. We always enjoy visiting the Darwen crew because we know that everyone is really friendly, well prepared and will always try their hardest.