Grading Results, Cadet Class, Assistant Instructor News

We have had an extremely busy week at Red tiger following our Ultimate Training Weekend. We have lots of students with brand new belts, an outstanding turnout at Cadet and Assistant Class and a new Assistant Instructor. Bank Holiday weekend is upon us again and we will have to close some classes so please check the reduced timetable later in the article to see if your usual class is open.

Tony Davies Sensei

We must start by giving you a quick update on the condition of Tony Davies Sensei who fell ill during Cadet Leader class. We have had an overwhelming amount of messages of concern from those in attendance and we are relieved to report that he is recovering well in hospital. We will be forever grateful to those who helped him, for their quick thinking and decisive actions, which without doubt, helped to save his life.
In typical Sensei Tony style, he is disappointed that he did not finish his burpees and is more concerned that he missed out on watching his students grade than he is about himself. They all worked extremely hard and did him proud. A big thanks to Kylah Lawson who is Tony Sensei’s Cadet Leader for giving up her time and staying back to support the Swinton and Winton students. He is looking forward to returning home to his family in the next week or so and we would all like to wish him a speedy recovery and are looking forward to seeing him back in a gi when he feels ready. No more burpees though, thank you very much.
Both the Swinton and Winton class will remain open with cover Instructors.

Cadet Leader & Assistant Instructor Class

We would like to thank all the Cadet Leaders and Assistants who gave up their Sunday morning to train hard at our combined class. Once again there were over 100 Red Tigers in attendance which has remained consistent since the first class back in January. The standard in both sections is improving every month.
The Cadet Leader class was taught by Rachael Sensei alongside: Christopher Jones, Brandon Lee Sensei, Hannah Cain. Callum Miles Sensei and Joni Longden Sensei . All of these Instructors have been through the Cadet Leader & Assistant Instructor program and delivered excellent sections. The feedback from the cadets has been very positive and we would like to say a massive thanks to all of you for giving up your time and helping to develop the next generation.
The best of luck to the following people who will be attending the BKF Championships in Glasgow to represent JKS England this weekend:

  • Hannah Cain
  • Rebecca Cain
  • Lori-Ann Moran
  • Ashley Walls
  • Sam Jackson
  • Regan Duckworth
  • Connor Cherry
  • Grace Baron
  • Emily Withington
  • Joni Longden Sensei

We are already proud of you for giving it a go!

Joe Ratcliffe – Assistant Instructor

On Friday 15th May, Paul Wolstencroft Sensei carried out Joe Ratcliffe’s Assistant Instructor examination at the new Tottington dojo and we are pleased to report that he passed at the first attempt. Joe is an outstanding talent who has already achieved a remarkable amount with his karate in just a few years of training. He is due to take his Black Belt in July and was Student of the Year 2013.
He can now add Assistant Karate Instructor to his ever-growing list of achievements. Paul Sensei commented that “Joe ran a well structured class and did particularly well to remain in control of a lively class of children throughout the assessment. He is a reliable, patient and enthusiastic assistant and is a natural when teaching the children”. Joe will continue his Instructor training under the guidance of Paul Sensei and there is no doubt that one day, he will make it to Class Instructor and run an awesome dojo.

South Manchester Grading: 16-5-15

We held a Club Grading in Reddish for students training in the South Manchester classes. This was another excellent grading in an area that never fails to produce some fantastic students. The majority of students grading were taking their first full grade of 9th Kyu Orange belts and they all did brilliantly. After a nervous start, the students began to relax and we really started to see some future superstars coming though. There was also some very promising middle grades. We were impressed by Graham Jenkins grading to 5th Kyu, Jonathan Seaton grading to 6th Kyu, Emma Varty grading to 5th Kyu, Ella Willams grading to 7th Kyu and Alyssa Khan grading to 7th Kyu. You all stood out for different reasons and did really well.
It was Juliette Stevinson chosen to receive the Student of the Grading trophy. She graded to 4th Kyu purple and white belt with her Mum Therese and impressed all of the Instructors with her sharp basics, beautiful katas and powerful kumite. This girl is certainly one to watch for the future. She was very surprised to have been chosen and hopefully she will take a much needed confidence boost from her award.
We must congratulate by name the students have achieved brown belts and above as they have dedicated quite a few years to the club and their training. Brown belts really are earned at Red Tiger and the following students deserved their belts 100% so congratulations.
2nd Kyu – Brown belt with a white stripe
Joshua Knox – What a rising little star, he put so much effort throughout the grading. He has bags of energy and an enormous amount of potential. Joshua showed some awesome kicking techniques during the kumite section and will now need to work hard on his Katas and combinations to help him get to the next level. Fantastic effort and a massive achievement for someone who is just 9 years old!
Nicci Adams – Nicci always trains hard and has exceptional discipline and focus. Nicci is one of our Trainee Assistants and she is always leading by example, encouraging others and did brilliantly on her grading day. Her karate is very strong indeed and her commitment to training is second to none. She tries to make it to karate at least 3-4 times and week and this is why she has achieved such a high level in a short space of time. Well done Nicci, a 2nd kyu that was thoroughly earned and well deserved.
Paul Smith – Paul has joined us from a very prestigious organisation previously completing his Kyu gradings under the famous Kanazawa Sensei. Over the last 12 months has made every effort possible to learn our syllabus and adapt his training to suit our style. He did really well throughout the grading and was particularly impressive during the kata section. Paul is progressing well towards his black belt and will no doubt have the technical ability and cool temperament to pass once the big day rolls around.
Emma Affleck – This girl is fantastic, usually it is her brother Matthew in the spotlight, but Emma is a very talented karate student in her own right. She was impressive throughout the grading and has awesome stances. This provides her with a great foundation to build the rest of her karate on. She refused to give up during the kumite section and showed great spirit, especially when pushed to her limit. Well done Emma, we look forward to seeing you make further progress and start to fulfill your massive potential.
1st Kyu – Brown belt with two white stripes
Adam Karabedian – Adam has made immeasurable progress with his karate over the last twelve months. He really has switched it on which must be pleasing for those who teach him and for his parents, who always believed that there was massive talent there. Adam now chooses to train with focus and puts much more effort in than ever before. His karate has improved considerably between 2nd and 1st kyu and his techniques have become very effective. His kumite is very high level, he is able to put together attacking combinations with ease and is very capable of defending himself. He showed great spirit when pushed to his limit and has a very fiery temperament which he is now able to keep well under control. Well done Adam, next stop for you is Black Belt.
Amelia Karabedian – Amelia has some of the best stances in the entire karate club. She has also made outstanding progress over the last twelve months and has become particularly good at kata. Her katas are beautiful and graceful making them an absolute pleasure to watch. Don’t be fooled by that pretty face though, her karate is very strong and effective. Her kumite was excellent and her combinations were very sharp and focused. Amelia is one of the most promising young females here at Red Tiger, she is incredibly talented and we are very much looking forward to seeing her make it all the way to Black belt. Just keep on working hard.
Lewis Thomas – What an exceptional student. Lewis trained at the Handforth dojo before the grading and always works hard. You will never see Lewis turn up and look sluggish or lazy. He is a sharp as they come and his movement during kumite just puts him in a class of his own. It is hard to land techniques on Lewis because his movement and timing is just superb and well beyond his current level. Lewis was a strong candidate for student of the grading just because of the sheer amount of effort he put in from start to finish and the fact that he got pushed so hard by the Instructors and not one of them managed to break his spirit. Awesome stuff Lewis. Well done.

Rochdale Grading: 17-5-15

Following a very busy Combined Class was an equally busy Club Grading. Another fantastic event whereby the standard just keeps improving as we all get used to the JKS Syllabus. Congratulations to everyone who took part, the mojority of students passed their next grades and just a handful have to retake only one section.
Again there were lots of students taking their first full grade including the entire Tottington class who were fantastic. The beginners from Sharples, Thornleigh and Breighmet classes also did brilliantly at their first grading. Megan Dale, John O Donovan, Mark Murphy and Joe Finney all showed a particularly high standard to pass their green belts. Josh Thomas-Newburn was exceptionaly impressive as always and earned his purple and white belt. It is worth mentioning that Josh training in the earlier class well done for both grading and completing 5 hours of relentless karate in one day!
John Dolan trains with Nicola Holland Sensei and previously trained in karate before joining us here at Red Tiger. He was put in for an open grade and was awesome throughout the grading. He had trained in katas up to Heian Godan and was awarded his purple and white belt. Congratulations John and keep up the good work.
Students who successfully graded to 3rd kyu brown belts and above are listed below, but we must mention the efforts of Banusan Lavinderan, Kledion Shahini and Elsi Shahini who all had very strong basics, combinations and Katas but will be retaking the Jiyu Ippon section in the next couple of months. All three lads worked their socks off and should be very proud of how well they did. With a little more practise and focus, there is no doubt they will all earn their 2nd Kyu belts in the coming months.

3rd Kyu – Brown belt

Megan Ellithorn – Megan Ellithorn was a very strong candidate for student of the grading because she has improved so much between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu. She had an outstanding grading day and can take a much needed confidence boost from the fact that she was one of the very best in the room. Once Megan gains some confidence there will be no stopping this ultra-talented young lady. Well done.

2nd Kyu Brown belt with a white stripe

Archie Eccles – Archie came to grading to retake the Kata section for his 2nd Kyu. What a difference a few months makes. His Bassai Dai was much improved and he did the kata with the strength and spirit required. His stances and balance have improved and he really looked like he has worked very hard on it. Congratulations Archie a very talented and resilient young man indeed. Well done.
Phoebe McNally – Phoebe trains with her Dad Andy and brother Ewan and always works really hard in class. She enjoys her training and you will never see her being lazy or not trying her best. She was superb at her grading and any little errors she made, she quickly corrected and just got on with the job of becoming an 2nd Kyu. Keep up the fantastic effort Phoebe! You showed great spirit and energy in the kumite section. We were all very impressed. Keep pushing towards that Black Belt.
Andy McNally – Andy not only earned his 2nd Kyu, he also earned the first ever McNally Student of the Grading award. Andy was sweating in the warm up – not because he is unfit, because of how hard he tries. He put in 110% effort from start to finish and got a really tough time in the kumite. His basics and combinations were impressive and his katas looked sharp and well practiced. Andy led by example throughout the grading as the highest grade and it really did lift the rest of the students. Outstanding effort from a top bloke. Well done Andy. Getting close to that Black Belt now.
Owen Veck – Owen has been training in karate for almost 5 years, training every single week with Tony Davies Sensei at the Swinton dojo. The effort he puts in is superb and he was also sweating in the warm up. He made one or two errors but overall did himself and his parents proud. He really earned his 2nd kyu and must focus on tidying up some areas of his karate and pushing down those stances after a growth spurt. With his positive attitude and the great spirit he shows, he can certainly make it all the way. Well done Owen.
As always, we must give thanks to the Instructors who gave up their time over the weekend to help us run the gradings and worked hard with their students to fully prepare them. Our team are awesome and we are lucky to have such a dedicated crew.

Bank Holiday Classes:

Thursday 21st May – Standish Class will be open 6pm-7pm at the usual venue as Sensei Mike is unable to run the class on Saturday morning.
Friday 22nd May – all classes are open as normal except for Senior Class which will be closed. Instructors are invited to train with the Brown and Black Belts at Bury class from 6pm-7.15pm with Rachael Sensei and Callum Sensei.
Saturday 23rd May – all classes are open as normal except for Standish class, which is rescheduled for Thursday 21st May. Best of luck to all the JKS England Squad who will be competeing in the BKF’s in Glasgow. We are hopeful that there will be a good medal haul.
Monday 25th May Bank Holiday Monday – all classes will be closed
Tuesday 26th May – All classes are open as normal except for Wilmslow class, which will be closed due to it being half term. All Wilmlsow students are invited to train at the closest classes open nearby at Marple and Denton.