18/07/2015: Handforth Grading Results

Huge congratulations to all of the students that graded successfully in Handforth last weekend. The vast majority of students were very young pupils from the Lacey Green Primary School near Wilmslow with others making the journey from Denton, Sale and Howrich classes.
The children of Lacey Green are a credit to the School, they performed brilliantly and behaved very well, especially considering that they only usually train for one hour and grading lasted over two hours.
The standard of Lorraine Sensei’s white belts was particularly impressive as the completed their first full grading easily.
We were also very impressed with the adults – Mario Pezzino, Julia Riewald and Anthony Greenough. All were pushed very hard by the Instructors and showed great spirit and determination.
Mario was awarded the Student of the Grading for his outstanding effort and extremely high standard for his grade. He was exhausted by the end of the grading which is exactly the way it should be. Mario is an amazing role model for all of the Dads who sit at the side and think that they can’t do karate. He was sat where you are and is now ripping through the grades and winning trophies!
He takes part with his son Giuseppe and wife Xin and we can clearly tell that all three practise at home. They try hard to perfect everything they learn in classes and as a family, they will go very far with their training.
The two yellow belts – Alex Gallacher and Lukas Riewald Pilling were also excellent and both boys have improved tremendously to achieve their green belts.
The students attempting purple belts and above did get a rough ride from Paul Wolstencroft Sensei, but showed resilience and determination to get through the Kata and Kumite sections of the grading after a good telling off for copying each other.
Gradings are not the time or place to choose not to concentrate. Students will try and copy each other when they can’t be bothered to concentrate and think what move comes next. You must concentrate and focus from the beginning right through to the end and I am sure that the lesson has been learned and this will not happen again at future gradings.
We have been teaching at Lacey Green Primary School for a few years now and the following students have been with us from the very start:
Well done to Louis & Lola Musique-Hargreaves, Daisy & Frazer Atkins and Dillon Tetteh all did brilliantly and graded to 5th Kyu Purple Belt.
Congratulations to the following new purple and white belts: Chris Crossan from the Denton class, Daniel Hartley from the Sale class, Jack Goman and Isobel & Martha Sargeant from the Lacey Green class. You all worked really hard and made your Sensei’s proud.
We always mention by name those who made it to brown belts or above. Well done to the following future superstars who got their 3rd and 1st Kyu’s.
3rd Kyu Brown Belt
Toby Pepper – Toby has almost caught up Dad Mark and brother Ben and has achieved an excellent standard so far. More recently he has been very focussed and a pleasure to teach. Toby has stopped messing around and allowing himself to be distracted and the improvement was there for all to see. He worked very hard to reach his goal and is a very promising young talent. Well done.
Lewis Owen – Lewis has the potential to be absolutely amazing at karate. He has always focused and tried hard and regularly wins competitions, trophies and prizes at our afterschool club for his outstanding effort. He is a lovely lad who is thoroughly determined to make it all the way to Black Belt and we look forward to helping him to achieve this goal.
Finley McLennan – Finley has made remarkable progress recently, especially since becoming a Cadet Leader and training with the extremely talented students at the Handforth class. His standard has gone through the roof and he is particularly good at remembering Katas and combinations. We are really very pleased that Finley has come this far and have no doubt if he keeps up the effort he will make it to Black Belt very soon.
Spencer Pike – What a character! Spencer is our ‘class clown’ who is always saying or doing things that as the teacher you should be telling him off for, but you really want to laugh your head off! Having said that, Spencer is actually very good at karate. He trains twice a week, every week and works hard when he wants to. His standard was high at the grading and his kumite is especially good. If he worked as hard to improve his karate as he does to make people laugh, he would be unstoppable! Well done Spencer and keep up the good work.
1st Kyu
Emma Knights – This girl has improved so much recently. She has stuck with the Club despite us having a few changes of Instructors, but Emma is the perfect example of why we only allow the very best Instructors to teach our classes and the JKS syllabus. Her parents pay for an Instructor who can develop her, teach her everything she needs and take responsibility for her progression.
Under Dean Sensei and Mike Sensei, Emma has transformed her karate, she looks sharper, focused and motivated to achieve her goal of becoming a black belt. She has had a long journey which has been difficult and disappointing at times, but now she is training to the best of her ability, we will see her standard just get better and better.
Well done Emma and keep up the hard work as its the big one next!
Thanks so much to the following Instructors who helped out on the day and made sure that the students were very well prepared:
Lorraine Schofield Sensei, Dave Robertson Sensei, Mike Baron Sensei, Karen Howes Sensei, Rick Best Sensei and Callum Miles Sensei.
Thanks also to the parents and supporters who gave up your Saturday afternoon and gave your loved ones the opportunity. Lastly, a big thanks to the students who graded and made the event such a pleasurable one. The afterschool club children will receive their photographs in September, if anyone would like an email copy of their child’s picture, please send your request, name and relationship to the child via email to: rachaelt20@hotmail.co.uk and I will forward you a copy. Thank you.