17-4-2016: Rochdale Grading Results

Another enormous Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor class was held on Sunday 17th April at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale. It was an awesome session with the Cadet Leaders working through jiyu kumite, kicking drills and strength & conditioning training with Sensei Paul Wolstencroft, Callum Miles Sensei and Assistant Instructor Christopher Jones.

The Trainees and Assistants continued to work on developing their teaching skills. They were learning different methods for teaching the foundations of good karate. Both groups tried really hard and seemed to enjoy the sessions.

Mike Baron Sensei also finished off the professional photo shoot and we will have some more fantastic images to send over to parents later this week. We want to say a huge thank you to Mike Baron Sensei for giving up his time and lending us his expertise.

We have managed to raise well over £500 which will contribute towards the entry fees and training costs associated with representing JKS England for our squad members. There is still a little money left to come in but very soon, we can release the total amount raised. This was very kind of Mike Sensei and his wife Michelle who are both always more than happy to help out.

Thank you to all the students who have taken part in our photo shoots and the parents for contributing to such a great cause. It was a wonderful opportunity to have some impressive photos to show your family and friends how good you all are at karate!

Immediately following the morning activities was our afternoon grading session.

The grading was not overly full which can be a good and a bad thing. Good because the students had plenty space, bad because there’s nowhere to hide! As always we had a fantastic team of Instructors and cadets on hand to push the students and make sure that the grading ran smoothly.

We are pleased to say that every student attempting grading was successful this time. The students had been well prepared by the Instructors and work really hard throughout the grading.

We had a great group of youngsters grading for the very first time from Woodbank Primary School and other local dojos. They all did brilliantly to concentrate for two hours! Clare Harrison from the Chesham Dojo was also fantastic. Well done.

There was some excellent students attempting their red belts, yellow belts and green belts. We were particularly impressed by Monty and Mason Howarth, Ava Baker, Jo Woodman, Maya Davies-Hughes and Zosia Milejski. Jasper Jacobs was also excellent as he put in 100% effort from start to finish and was always the first to line up after a water break. What a future little superstar.

Tom Darkey, Lukas Riewald-Pilling and  Timofey Kolesnichenko all successfully attempted their purple belts and were very impressive indeed. Lukas was chosen for Student of the Grading because he has improved immensely, showed great spirit from start to finish and his positive attitude that will take him very far. Well done guys.

Julia Riewald, Michelle Walker, 6 year old Megan Dale and Daisy Parton were all delighted to earn their 4th Kyu Purple and White belts and showed off a high standard of karate. They are all progressing well towards their brown belt and all proved they are more than capable of looking after themselves if they ever needed to with strong kumite performances. Fab stuff – well done.

Brandon Matthews retook his 4th Kyu and decided to take part in the full grading. Brandon showed that he had made improvement and was much more determined to succeed this time around. Well done and keep up the good work.

The following students earned their 3rd Kyu Brown Belt wich is a big milestone in karate. You are reaching an advanced level which requires increasing your training schedule to advance further towards the ultimate goal of Black Belt.

Congratulations to our new 3rd Kyu’s and 2nd Kyu’s. You all performed brilliantly and we would encourage you to continue to work hard as you are getting really close now!


3rd Kyu Brown Belt


Bradley Roose – Bradley was asked to retake his combinations and Kata section but again like Brandon wanted to get the full job finished. He has improved tremendously and works much harder in class these days. We were really impressed with his improved karate and great attitude. Well done!

Courteney Alty – Courteney was also asked to retake a section of the grading and completed the whole lot. Courtney has done all the right things in order to improve, increased her training, listened to advice and practised hard. She did brilliantly at the grading and will be awesome if she keeps up the hard work. Congratulations.

Lola Fellone – Lola is a very dedicated student who has trained at Holcombe Brook for a number of years now. She has lovely karate and is consistently improving. Her Katas were good and her kumite was strong. Keep listening to your Sensei’s and you will be brilliant. Well done missus.


2nd Kyu  Brown Belt with a white stripe


Mark Waters –  Mark was very nervous prior to grading and it took a lot for him to come and give it a go. There was nothing for him to worry about as he did really well and even looked like he enjoyed himself. He does find the katas difficult but this was a good section for him. He should take some confidence from the fact that he managed to get through them all under pressure. His kumite as always was brilliant and he is proving a handful for the Instructors. Well done Mark, you are nearly there.

Lee Murphy – Lee has excellent karate and has managed to pick it up very quickly. He always works hard in class and is a bit of a natural. His workrate throughout the grading was second to none and his kumite was very good indeed. His strong attacking techniques and good use of combinations proved difficult for others to handle. There is no doubt that Lee will continue to improve because he trains consistently and always works really hard. Well done.

Megan Ellithorn – Megan has been training at the Chesham class for a few years now. Her karate is really tidy with beautiful Katas and excellent stances. Her strengt and effectiveness of her techniques is improving all the time. She was impressive throughout the grading and worked her backside off from start to finish. Marvellous grading from a lovely young lady. Keep up the hard work!

Alex Mellor Brook – Alex has improved immeasurably over the last twelve months. His karate is very strong and has no weak areas. He is impressive in every section and when given advice, he corrects what you ask him to immediately which is fantastic. He has clearly been working hard with Mike Baron Sensei and makes corrections on any feedback given. A great grading from a good all-rounder. Well done Alex.

Denise Bradshaw – Much improved performance from Denise Bradshaw this time around. She always gives it % every time she trains but seems to have relaxed a little which has really helped her karate to imrpove. We were impressed with her overall attitude and her Katas is the area she has improved the most. She has fierce kumite and really battled hard and maintained good technique thought this section. Brilliant day for Denise, well done 🙂


Finally we want to say a huge thank you to all the Instructors who helped out, sparred and taught sections on the day. Without you, we would not be able to enjoy such fantastic days as a Club and the students wouldn’t be able to achieve these grades.

Well done to everybody who graded and thanks to all the parents and supporters. Your support is essential in their karate journey and without you motivating them week in week out and helping them get through their gradings, they wouldn’t be able to achieve all the great things that they do!