15-11-2015: Rochdale Grading Results

Immediately following Cadet Leader selections class, we held our final grading of the year for students training in our North Manchester and Lancashire classes.

It was a mega-busy grading as expected, with a lot of students attempting senior grades including brown belts and above. Congratulations to everyone who attended to grade and a big thanks to all the parents and supporters for helping them along the way.

With so many students attending and trying their very best to impress, it was a thoroughly enjoyable grading with a high standard. The effort on the day from all students was second to none. The adults in particular worked as hard as they possibly could and had no energy left whatsoever by the end. That is exactly how it should be!

There was some extremely impressive young children going for high grades and we will be naming some of them later on. Jonty Johnson who trains almost every day with Nicola Holland Sensei beat of some stiff competition for the Student of the Grading trophy. He has improved immeasurably over the last twelve months and deserved his 1st Kyu 100%. He is certainly one to watch out for at the next Dan grading judging by his superb performance on Sunday.

Unfortunately, we had a couple of higher grades who need to retake a section of the grading and both boys took the bad news bravely and without doubt, will return – much improved in early 2016.

We are pleased to report that Ella Rylance completed the kumite section of her grading and returned much improved and completely determined to get her purple and white belt.

She was fantastic and thankfully, had made the required improvement. Lee Rylance, Ellas’ Dad joined us as a black belt from another style of karate and has been training hard throughout 2015, he was awarded his purple and white belt and did brilliantly too. Well done to you both!

The following students achieved 3rd Kyu, 2nd Kyu or 1st Kyu and were made to earn every inch their grades by Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and his team. They had to train for 2 and half hours and kumite for 40 minutes. They have all showed great commitment to get this far. We were impressed by the determination and strength of character shown by all of our new brown belts on the day.

Congratulations to you all. Keep on working hard as Shodan is close now.

3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Zak Thomas Blackhurst – A little lad with enormous talent. Zak was exceptional on the grading day and we can really begin to see the class in his karate. He is hard worker, a national Kata champion and a very dedicated Cadet Leader who did over 4 hours of karate on Sunday. If Zak keeps up this effort, there will be no stopping him, his potential is limitless. His kumite for his age is the best we have seen. He puts together awesome combinations and his kicks are outstanding.  Well done little man.

Ellis Pindoria-Stott – Another one of our little pocket rockets. Ellis absolutely has superb karate. Both he and Zak were pushing each other to be better, faster, stronger and Ellis trained the best we have ever seen him, he was excellent. Focused, determined and first -class throughout. His Katas, Kumite and combinations were so sharp and for his age he is awe – inspiring. A top role model for all our other little Red Tigers. Ellis also has limitless potential and we couldn’t be more pleased with his performance on Sunday. Keep it up.

Sonny Ratcliffe – Sonny has improved tremendously since he graded to 4th Kyu. He was much more confident in his Katas and did really well in the kumite section. He is a great little kumite fighter and always tries really hard. He is another little superstar with a very bright future.

John Dolan – John is one of our top kyu-grade adults and it was easy to see why throughout the grading. Paul Wolstencroft Sensei rates John’s karate very highly indeed. It is sharp, clean and effective. He is improving brilliantly with every grade and will make an excellent Black Belt. Well done.

Imaan Fatima – Imaan has been training for over 6 years and has had a longer journey than most. She has been much more focused on her karate this year and trains twice a week. She has made a lot of progress in the last twelve months and worked very hard for her brown belt. Well done Imaan and keep it up as you are very talented.

Ewan McNally – What an impressive kumite fighter. Ewan did try very hard throughout the grading but once he got his mitts and pads on, he was great. His katas have improved and if he can put the same effort into the kata section as he does into the fighting section, he will be brilliant. Well done.

Charlotte Hothersall – Charlotte has lovely karate. She picks things up quickly and has really started to sharpen up.  She put loads of effort into her grading and deserves to be a brown belt 100%. She is one of the highest grades in her class and sets a good example to all the other Aspull students. Well done.

Helen Finney – Helen works so hard every time she trains. Gradings are as hard as you make them and Helen always gives it everything she has. She is a quick learner and a real perfectionist. Her karate is becoming stronger as she improves her fitness and there really are no weak areas. She has strong basic foundations, excellent Kata and her kumite is much improved. Well done.

Sara Jayne Caroll – Sara Jayne has improved considerably over the last 12 months. She too has started to sharpen up and her katas are the most improved area of her karate. She has always been a tough little fighter and her kumite is getting stronger every time – Congratulations missus!

2nd Kyu Brown belt with a white stripe

Will Keogh – What a wonderful young man. Will is a pleasure to teach. He is 100% dedicated to his karate and never misses a class. He did brilliantly at the grading and his kumite was very impressive. This is the best we have seen Will train, so keep up the hard work and you will continue to improve towards your black belt.

Aurelie Girault – Aurelie is one of the top Kyu grade ladies in the Club. Her karate is very sharp and her kicks have improved significantly. She always has excellent Katas and she was impressive in all areas throughout the grading. She was putting together some effective combinations in the kumite and she looked more confident than ever. A fantastic performance from a lovely lady. Well done and keep it up.

Kyle Girault – Kyle is an extraordinary talent – like Ellis, Sonny and Zak, great karate students come in small packages. He was brilliant throughout the grading and this is because really pays attention in class. There is attention to detail in all his katas and his kumite has improved 100%. His kicks are wicked and his understanding of distance is unique for his age. He can stand on your foot with one leg and kick you in the head with the other. Amazing grading – well done.

Dave Riley – Dave has very strong karate, he is progressing well towards his Black Belt and has made significant progress between 3rd and 2nd Kyu. His combinations were very well practised and his Katas and kumite was very good. Dave is a thoroughly nice bloke and is a very dedicated student. Well done.

Mark Ellicott – Mark is a fantastic student with a positive attitude and good solid karate. He has worked hard to improve his katas and his combinations were quite impressive. He works hard on the small details and the improvement he has made is excellent. Congratulations Mark and keep up the great work.

1st Kyu Brown belt with two white stripes

Matthew Szuszkiewicz – Matthew has taken his time between 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu and wanted to attempt grading when he felt confident. He performed brilliantly on the day and his Katas and combinations were really good. He knows that he needs to relax to improve further and is always trying to get better and better. He has a good attitude and excellent attendance and is shaping up to be a good candidate for Black Belt.

Jonty Johnson – Jonty is one of the most dedicated students at Red Tiger, he takes advantage of every opportunity we have on offer, training almost every day, attending seminars and courses, he never misses a cadet class and always tries his best. I was delighted that he won the trophy as he really has made every effort possible to improve and get stronger. An outstanding grading from a very talented young man. Well done!

Mia Dickerson – Mia Dickerson is one of Nicola Sensei’s very best students. Committed, hard working and super talented. She had an excellent grading day and didn’t put a foot wrong. She tries her best and really listens to what she is being taught. Her Katas are beautiful and she really is progressing brilliantly. What a little superstar! Well done Mia – you will make a top Black Belt!

Andy McNally – Andy puts 100% effort every time he trains. He was sweating in the warm up and did brilliantly throughout the grading. He has started to relax more which makes everything easier and he was very determined. He was injured during the kumite but wanted to carry on and finish the grading. A fantastic grading from a top fella! Well done!

Phoebe McNally – Phoebe has made great progress between 2nd and 1st Kyu and is really starting to train like a Black Belt. She was brave and showed great spirit in the kumite and her katas were the best we have ever seen her do. She was sharp and confident and thoroughly deserves her 1st Kyu. Well done Phoebe – Black belt next!

Clive Riley – Clive has to work hard at his karate. It takes him a while to pick things up but he has a spot on attitude. He is in no rush to progress but we can see Clive has really been trying to improve his Katas and grading combinations. His hardv work paid off and he did really well. He was very spirited in the kumite and was putting together some good combinations. Congratulations Clive and keep up the great work!

As always we must thank the Instructor team who work so hard to give the students the opportunity to grade and make sure that they are ready. Without our fab group of Sensei’s there would be no Red Tiger and no special days like this.