15-11-2015: Cadet Leaders Selections Results

We held our annual Cadet Leaders Selection Class on Sunday 15th November at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale. Our Assistant Instructors also trained at the intensive class which lasted an hour and a half. Many cadets leaders have been serving our Instructors and the students of our Club for a few years now and we decided that it was time to reward these dedicated students with a Gold medal.
Cadet Leaders
Cadet Leaders are such a valuable asset to our Instructors, especially our teenagers. They help out in classes so much and act as a fantastic role model for our younger students. Jonathan Longden Sensei, Callum Miles Sensei and Brandon Lee Sensei have all passed through the Cadet Leader – Assistant Instructor – Lead Instructor system and all three now work at the Club, running their own classes with some fab students. We know that this system is tried, tested and works, this is why we have to be so strict with our selections.
Paul Wolstencroft Sensei deliberately made the class very hard work and we will only accept the most promising children on to our Cadet Leader Programme. It is so important that they show great potential, put in maximum effort every time they train and their attendance is second to none.
The class were pushed very hard indeed and it was brilliant to see such a high standard amongst the top children in the Club.
Congratulations to the following Cadet Leaders who received a medal and will now continue their role at one of our classes:

Adam Bennett
Ellis Pindoria-Stott
Kyle Girault
Will Keogh
Sara Jayne Carroll
Charlotte Hothersall
Jack Fisher
Oliver Rigby
Joseph Shakos
Samuel shakos
John Riley
Corey Stevens
James Sherlock
Jack Goman
Martha Sergeant
Marcus Chorlton
Lucy Davies
Matthew Holmes
Zak Thomas-Blackhurst
Isabella Baron
Grace Baron
Bradley Bowker (age 16 moving up to Trainee Assistant Instructor)
Mia Dickerson
Jonty Johnson
Ben Kirkman
Finley McLennan
Louis Johnson 
Juliette Stevinson
Isabelle Wilkie
Millie Davies
Jaime Pratley
Ella Rylance
Adam Karabedian
Amelia Karabedian
Rory Corran
Matthew Affleck
Clark Thompson
Olivia Levell
Darcey Mason
Rosie Morriss
Daniel Hartley
Abby Fielding
Sophie Withington
Hannah Whalley
Lily Whalley
Lori-Ann Moran
Sam Jackson
James Moseley
Kylah Lawson
Connor Cherry - Moved up to Assistant Instructor and passed the exam already
Louis Standring
Jake Gould
Ava Nicholson
Ava Hanson
Lewis Hughes 
Ben Duckworth
Isabel Hair
Ben Clark
Greg Burton
Phill Burton
Phoebe McNally
Annalea Tipton
Georgia Tipton
Danny Silverwood
Molly Austin-Hogsden
Daniel Hartley
Joshua Knox
Megan Ellithorn
Matthew Lowe
The following students have been awarded Cadet Leader badges and have been selected for 2016:
Lucie Adams
Jacob Kirk
Caitlan Moss
Jasmine Johnston
Blake Smith
William Hanlon
Joe Finney
The following students have been provisionally selected and will complete a 3 month probationary period with their Instructor. They will receive their badges at the
January Cadet Leader class:
Olivia Fagan
Phoebe Lord
Callum Taylor
Ellie Laytham
Kai Foley
Tom Healey
Freyja Lundin
Joshua Perris
Adam Paksy
Aimee Briggs
Ellen Conyard
Sam Lees
All of the above Cadets will be expected to attend Cadet Leader class which is still FREE OF CHARGE. As soon as we have accepted dates from Matthew Moss,
the dates of 2016 classes will be coming out. Thank you all for your attendance and to the parents for giving up your Sunday morning  and enable your children to train with us.