14-11-2015: Lancaster Grading Results

We hosted a Kyu grading in Lancaster on Saturday 14th November for the students training in the Lancaster and Morecambe area with Joni Longden Sensei and Mike Baron Sensei. Students attempted grades from 9th Kyu orange belt right up to 2nd Kyu brown belt with a white stripe. The Lancaster grading is always one we look forward to as the support for the students in the area is always fantastic and the standard is excellent.
The effort and enthusiasm shown by the students is second to none and they are a credit to the Instructors who teach them. The atmosphere is always a warm and friendly one which makes our job so much easier.
Congratulations to everyone who passed their next grades as you were made to worked really hard from start to finish. It was great to see lots of little white belts going for orange belt and another adult with a high standard Chris Rogers beginning to work his way through the grades.
We also saw a large amount of students going from orange belts to red belts and red belts to yellow belts which means that the Instructors in the area are doing a great job of retaining the students and keeping them motivated. Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was very impressed by Catherine Vernum and double graded her from red to green belt. This is a very rare achievement indeed and Catherine is a fantastic talent with a bright future. It isn’t very often that you come across a red belt who is so enthusiastic about karate, that she knows all the way up to Heian Godan. Keep it up missus!
Tina Mant from the Dallas Road class successfully passed her 6th Kyu green belt and has very tidy katas indeed. Her kumite has also improved and she always works incredibly hard.
We saw four students attempt their 5th Kyu purple belts and all have been training since the Dallas Road class very first opened. Congratulations to the always impressive Priya Bradley, the much improved Alfie Dodd and Jake Hill and a huge pat on the back for Jos Hall who earned the Student of the Grading trophy. His effort is superb and it will take him very far. He stood out on the day for all the right reasons and
Unfortunately, a couple of the higher grades Riley Wearing and Tia Taylor have been asked to come back and retake a section or two. Both students did try as hard as they could from start to finish and now know what they need to improve on. This will certainly make them stronger in the future and we hope that they return soon better than ever. They should be proud of their efforts on the day and return to class refocused and trust that their Instructor and fellow students are 100% determined to help them achieve success next time around.
The last person to grade on the day was Eleanor Hewitt. Eleanor is one of the hardest working students in the Club. Last time she went for brown belt, she had worked so hard she was sick in the kumite and came straight back in. She is such a determined and focused young lady who sets an excellent example to all the other students in the area. Eleanor successfully passed her 2nd Kyu this time around and the good news is; she didn’t have to be sick. She has improved in all areas, especially her fitness and we are so impressed with the progress she continues to make. She listens to everything she is told by Joni Sensei and gives it 100% every time she sets foot in the dojo. A superb effort from a wonderful young lady, well done!
Big thanks to both Joni Longden Sensei and Mike Baron Sensei for all their hard work developing students in this area. Both make a long commute to the classes each week and your dedication, effort and expertise is much appreciated. Thanks also to Jenny Freeman and Grace Baron who both volunteered their time to help us out at the grading. You are stars, thank you very much.