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Availability for W/C 19th Oct and Grading news


We hope you are all well. May I take this opportunity to remind everyone that we are operating under strict guidelines. Social distancing needs to be maintained before, during and after our lessons. There should be no mixing between people from different households.

We are doing a fantastic job of looking after one another. Please keep it up.

Remember if you feel unwell or experience any COVID 19 symptoms at all, please do not come to class. Likewise, if you have been asked to isolate, you must do so even if you have returned a negative test.


Please find below this week’s availability:

ZOOM Timetable

Tuesday 7-8pm – Mike and Leesa Beckwith Sensei – unlimited spaces

Wednesday 6-7pm – Debbie and Dave Sensei – unlimited spaces

Thursday 7-8pm – Emma Ginn Sensei – unlimited spaces

Friday 6pm-7pm – Sensei TBC – unlimited spaces

There are quite a few classes that are sold out. Please check throughout the week as places do become available from time to time. We have the following spaces available at our dojos (correct as of 6pm – 19/10):


Tuesday 20th October

Abingdon Primary School – Reddish 6.30-7.30pm with Rob Sensei and Rachael Sensei – 1 space

Abingdon Primary School – 7.30-8.30 senior grades – 1 space

Prestolee class with Callum Sensei – 10 places

Radcliffe Primary School with John Sensei – 3 places

Stockton Heath with Jon Sensei – 5 places

Claypool Horwich with Daryl Sensei – 7 places


Wednesday 21st October

Little Lever Class with Callum Sensei – 6 places

Holcombe Brook with Bernadette Burton Sensei – 3 places

Chesham Primary with Teresa Sensei – 2 places

Handforth Youth Centre with Karen Sensei – 3 places


Thursday 22nd October

Swinton with Tony D Sensei – 7 places

Stockton Heath with Jon Sensei – 7 places

Holcombe Brook with Leesa Beckwith Sensei – 1 space


Friday 23rd October

Kings Road (At Stretford dojo) with Rob Sensei – 8 places

Chesham with Denise Sensei – 7 places

Flixton Class – 1 place

Sale Class – 6 places


Saturday 24th October

Stoneclough junior grades with Emma Sensei – 12 places

Stoneclough senior grades with Emma Sensei – 7 places


Grading information: 

ZOOM – Sunday 1st November 2020 – 11am-3pm

For more information and how to book please follow the link below. Students have until Sunday 25th October to book their places. Once you have filled in the online booking form and paid via Paypal, you will be sent a link and your time slot. Bookings made without payment will be cancelled.

Students who are retaking grading do NOT need to book in online. We will liase with your Sensei and send you a link if they feel the required progress has been made to re-attempt grading.

Please make sure you fill in all of the information requested, belts and certificates will be posted out to your home address on Monday 2nd November if you are successful.

We appreciate that ZOOM gradings are not ideal and not for everyone, but it is the safest possible way of conducting gradings at the moment whereby Mums and Dads and Instructors can watch and be a part of it.

We are aiming to restart dojo gradings at evening classes from January onward. However, the option to grade on ZOOM will remain for those who are not ready to step back into classes.

Grading Registration Link:

This is the only way to book. Your Instructor cannot book you in, you will need your username and password handy to complete the booking form.